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One Thing At a Time

Author: Gary Hart

Did you ever wish you could manage your life one problem at a time?  It might make the many tough decisions we all face actually managable.  But, you say, life doesn’t work that way.

Well, if it doesn’t work that way for you and me, why in the world would we think it worked for the president of the United States?  But, apparantly that is how the supposedly sophisticated pundits and most of the president’s critics think he should manage the business of the nation.  “He should deal with jobs first,” they chatter, “then he can do health care,” they opine, “then he can do energy, then education, and then….” on and on and on.

This displays woeful ignorance of both the way life and the presidency work.  The recovery and financial crisis projects he inherited from the previous administration had to be carried forward.  One emergency measure to create jobs was passed and another is on the way.  Deficits have no hope of reduction without controlling health care costs, a primary reason for urgency on health care reform. 

Indeed, virtually all the major problems we face are interrelated.  They don’t operate separately.  The economy (jobs) is related to trade which is related to international finance which is related to energy which is related to military operations which is related to foreign policy, and on and on.

President Obama inherited two wars, his critics must be reminded.  They required, and received, considerable presidential attention.  Few presidents in recent memory have entered office with so much unfinished business: the worst financial crisis in 75 years and two wars.

The largest, most complex, most widely-dispersed nation in human history doesn’t exactly run itself.  It requires multi-tasking management on a scale few humans can contemplate.  To President Obama’s media and opposition critics it must be said: Grow up and understand what being president of the United States means at this stage in our history.  Quit making ridiculous and childish demands for the president to do one thing at a time. 

Life doesn’t work that way and intelligent, mature, and thoughtful people know that.  And be grateful we have a president who can do more than one thing at a time.