Party of Patriots

Author: Gary Hart

Party of Patriots

Manifesto: We believe that: we are all in this together; a just society protects its children, elderly, and disabled; all are entitled to a healthy environment; the able-bodied should have the opportunity to work; corporations and banks should deal honestly with consumers; workers’ safety deserves protection; quality public education is crucial to democracy; special interests should not finance campaigns; our foreign policy should reflect our highest principles; judges should be appointed on merit not ideology; foreign oil is not worth American blood; our government should protect our Constitutional rights.

Those welcome:: all Americans of good will; those who think for themselves; those with strong convictions but who resist extremes; those who respect the rights and opinions of others; those who uphold the national interest; seekers after truth; those who are open-minded, informed, and willing to listen; everyone with a sense of humor.

Those not welcome:: those who are dogmatic, self-satisfied, and closed-minded; screamers and shouters; the intolerant and divisive; cult-followers and character assassins; the small-minded and ill-informed; those who listen to radio ranters to have their prejudices confirmed; all who put their narrow or special interest ahead of the national interest; the humorless.

Our purpose: to bring Americans together; to achieve a just society; to care for the wounded in and out of uniform; to help America stand tall and deserve respect; to be a leading nation in the international community; to reduce threats to ourselves and others; to maintain integrity among ourselves and with others; to keep the government off our backs by keeping our hands out of its pockets; to export our best ideas, services, and products and not our crude entertainment; to leave all children a healthier, safer planet; to seek wisdom and practice humility; to see that everyone gets a fair shake.

What it will take: Americans who care enough about their country to be engaged; genuine leaders from all walks of life; dreamers, idealists, poets, and prophets; dedication to the national interest; suspension of cynicism; compassion for and connection with each other; noble journalism; commitment to learning; suspicion of hucksters, political and otherwise; quality before profits in business; praise for innovation in all walks of life; insistence on intelligence in leadership; a sense of history; acceptance of the long view.
Timing: just over the horizon.
Care to join?

47 Responses to “Party of Patriots”

  1. Tom Gee Says:

    Count me in!

  2. Paul G. Says:

    For each positive response here, there’s likely a million who feel the same.
    So, time to rock and roll as the vets say; so let’s roll, but like a rock!

  3. Robin Ore Says:

    Sign me up!

    The only thing I would change is “exporting ideas”. In my opinion, this is the problem. Ideas are stolen from entrepreneurs by big business and sold to China and others. This in turn creates jobs and industries there instead of in the US. Also, entertainment, crude or not, is the USA’s 2nd largest export and a unique industry which produces a large number of jobs. As our manufacturing industry has declined due to unfair trade, tax loopholes and China’s control over raw materials processing, ((especially rare earth elements (REE’s)), the US and especially the young have turned to entertainment for a future. This includes computer gaming.

    It is good to see you still fighting for Constitutional rights!

  4. Kevin Says:

    Where can I join?

  5. Bob McLavey Says:

    Sign me up! I long for the days of civil debate, civil compromise, and civil governance. I do hope and pray that those with narrow minds and mean spirits will soon fade, as soon as the reasonable majority regains its footing and finds the courage and conviction to speak louder. I am convinced there is a hungry audience growing larger each day. Gary, your call to action is a good place to start. Thank you!

  6. Betsy Meier Says:

    Wow!! I agree completely. What an inspiring article. Thank you so much Mr. Hart. I’m ready to join right away.

  7. Pat Boice Says:

    Sounds like a winner to me! Why can’t the Democrat party platform adopt this?! I still think Obama possesses a lot of these aspirations!

  8. Chuck Hill Says:

    Sign me up Mr Hart. I believe the majority of Americans are longing for this.

  9. Roger Meier Says:

    I’m in. And as Paul G. said: “Let’s Roll, Like a Rock!”

  10. James Starkey Says:

    Sign me up.

  11. Mark Says:

    I’m still hopeful for this kind of party. Count me in !

  12. Stephen Ahearn Says:

    From Arizona here, an epicenter of incivility. Sign me up!

  13. Judith Hoefling Says:

    Sign me up, too!

  14. wsp Says:

    Senator Hart, where are the voices of reason in today’s political debates!!! In just a short decade or so, America has been wedged into emotion laden, vindictive assaults with one party clearly bent on the destruction of another. I firmly believe in the principles you have lain out. How is it that we ‘take back’ the debate in these perilous economic times when the mechanistic black and white thinking of 1 of only 2 American parties has aimed it’s weaponry at protecting the right to profit? Please count me in as the social contract needs to be revisited…….the question clearly is how.

  15. Bill Pruden Says:

    Thank you Senator Hart. May all of us who care about the direction of this nation take this manifesto as a call to arms, a clarion call to accept our civic responsibility and participate in an effort to redirect our wandering ship of state. Only through such an effort can the American political experiment achieve the promise that has so eloquently been laid out in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights–and your words. Your career has been a source of inspiration and these words only reinforce those efforts. It is now up to us to make it happen.

  16. Joao Tavares Says:

    Count me in Senator Hart. Our republic is in desperate need of restoration, and she is begging for a new leadership from a Party of Patriots.

    I’m with you 100%; let’s roll! – Where do I sign up?

  17. Windy Says:

    Hi Senator Hart,
    Thank you. I would much rather see the country come to an even keel than see the civil war I fear is coming.
    For generations there has been a war, subtle but still a war going on in this country. The rich and the corporations
    want to have the rest of us in economic slavery and it has become much less subtle in the last few years.
    I worry that we are coming to a very bloody war between the rich and the rest of us if there if the playing field is not leveled soon.
    I would greatly prefer to peacefully end the plutocracy and return to democracy. I’m too old for a civil war.
    Thank you.

  18. David Lucadello Says:

    I found my way here by way of Huffington Post, I read the Party of Patriots there. The reason I went digging is because, despite skepticism, I was intrigued to say the least. Having read a few of the posts here, I am extremely impressed, but there are some things in the mission statement that bothered me.

    Under “Manifesto”: “foreign oil is not worth American blood”

    I don’t think any oil is worth any blood. Foreign oil is a misleading term because its price has very little to do with where it comes from and more to do with speculation. Oil companies can produce more than we (the world) needs and the only limits are self imposed. Corruption and immorality runs rampant.

    Under “Our Purpose”: “to export our best ideas, services, and products and not our crude entertainment”

    Why limit our export at all? What is crude entertainment? Crude is subjective which isn’t something the government should involve itself in beyond public access.

    Under “Our Purpose”: “to keep the government off our backs by keeping our hands out of its pockets”

    This sentence irritates me and I can’t quite explain why. It’s so vague that it’s specific, or it’s so specific that it’s vague… I don’t know. I don’t like the idea that we need to keep the government off our backs because that implies that the government is a burden…or it’s the shirt on our back… which is a good thing? And the hands out of its pockets play on words makes me uncomfortable. Should we expect the government on our back if we accept money from them?

    I wouldn’t take the time to offer criticism if I didn’t think this was a worthwhile cause. I can’t sign on to something unless I agree 100%. That’s why I am registered independent and not democrat.

  19. Forest Book Says:

    Excerpts from: ‘The Spirit of Learning’ Woodrow Wilson 1909: “The object of a liberal training is not learning, but discipline and the enlightenment of the mind. … discriminate, combine ideas … insight and comprehension … a mind is a practised instrument of appreciation … power of uniting the elements of a difficult subject in a whole view; … one has the knowledge of the world which no one can have who knows only his/their own generation or only his/their task. It consists in the power to distinguish good reasoning from bad, in the power to digest and interpret evidence, in a habit of observation and a preference for the non-partisan point of view, in an addiction to clear and logical processes of thought and yet an instinctive desire to interpret rather than to stick to the letter of the reasoning, in a taste for knowledge and a deep resepct for the integrity of the human mind. It is citizenship of the world of knowledge, but not ownership of it.” // I stand with you Mr. Hart, and all who choose this path; in this nation and throughout the Global Nation. // Hello fellow citizens.

  20. Brian C McCarthy Says:

    I’m on board with this; count me in!

  21. Gary Hart Says:

    Thanks to all for your comments. A couple of responses: the intent here was to illustrate what a serious, common-sense, mainstream political movement might look like, not to advocate a third party. These thoughts represent what I have always believed most Americans wanted their politics to represent. To Mr. Lucadello, I am simply being critical of the impact most of our trivial entertainment exports have on our image abroad when most people want more from us. And the line which irritates you is something from a previous campaign that seeks to point out the inconsistency of those who believe our government is too big and too burdensome but still want benefits from the government for their particular purposes.

  22. Stephen D. Pillow Says:

    Senator Hart,

    Thank you for this wonderful and beautiful succinct statement. It expresses that for which I have been searching and attempting to express for several years. Now that “WE, THE PEOPLE” have a stated purpose that is incontrovertible, WE can move forward to reclaim this Nation from those who have lost their way and led our Nation astray and set OUR Nation on the path of truth, liberty, and justice for all.

    I proudly join you and the People of this wonderful Nation.

  23. Gary Hart Says:

    And to Windy, may I say my purpose here is to bring us back to “an even keel” by advocating an agenda that many–I believe most–Americans can embrace. I could not agree more about the civil war brewing not only between the wealthy and the rest of us but also between everyday Americans who believe in progress and the far right.

  24. Kathleen Mullen Says:

    I am encouraged by your effort. I hope an immediate focus of the effort might be a movement that focuses on both advocating that the government pursue a vigorous jobs development effort and that we in our communities might begin organizing our own communities to contribute to development of the necessary jobs for our citizens.

  25. Tom Gee Says:

    An important read:

  26. Jan Ricca Says:


  27. Ken Dean Says:

    Gary Hart can summarize in five paragraphs, political light, wisdom, mission and high purpose better than anyone. All bases are covered here in an incredible way. Where do i sign up.

    We have to move this sound wisdom to a bigger arena than a blog. The people are hungry for such depth and clarity, to reclaim the goodness of the nations soul, and our own.

    Redemption requires three things. God, a soul, and a moment in time.

  28. David Lucadello Says:

    Mr. Hart,

    Thank you for the clarification. It was one of the ways I interpreted it and the way I hope you meant it.

  29. David Halberstadt Says:

    Here, here!! All of that is what I believe was America. And still is, deep down. Gary, whilst you may not be advocating a third party, one is sorely needed because the current ones are way out of touch with the real country. Or so they appear to be.

    The spin by media, right-wing, left-wing, every-wing (lol) is so out of the twilight zone that each time I think I’ve heard the craziest, another even stranger ‘event’ pops up. Frankly, I don’t even watch any of that anymore and haven’t for some time. Osmosis has been sufficient.

    It is so sad that we have been led to believe that we, the people, are divided 50/50 on each and every issue. That is just statistically impossible. Yet the ‘news’ rarely fails to find some poll to back that view.

    Someone needs to run using this manifesto…

    Best regards to you and all the ‘middle-of-the-roaders’…(I know you’re out there!)

  30. Michael Says:

    It’s unfortunate, tragic in fact, that we’ve got a president who seems unsure whether he believes in any of the things you mention in the first paragraph; holds himself hostage to those who don’t think for themselves or resist extremes or respect the opinions of others; is scared to death of the screamers, cult followers and character assassins — to the point where he gives up policy initiatives just so they might not attack him for being the caricature they themselves have invented of him. I could go on and on. As for what you’ve described here, Senator, I’m in. But it would be nice if our current president, who ironically just a three years ago inspired people to care enough about their country to get engaged, had the moral and political courage to embody these principals. Maybe you should give the guy a primary challenge.

  31. Helen Williams Says:

    Sign me up!

  32. Susan Reiter Says:

    Mr. Hart,

    Wonderful post! It has more than served the purpose of getting folks to talk. Thank you for your thoughtful responses to those who fail to understand the idea of ‘respect’,’broadminded’ or ‘flexible. We live in a time when there is a cry to ‘get government off our back’ without understanding the context of statement. We too willingly give up our personal liberties under the guise of ‘Homeland Security’ without understanding the ramifications. I am cynical enough to be wary of the results of such uninformed acceptance. When I hear any of the current candidates declare that it is time to ‘take back the country’, I want to ask, ‘From whom?’. It is a sufficiently vague statement that listeners personalize it to fit their own vision.

  33. Neil McCarthy Says:

    If I may be permitted a bit of nostalgia, this is why you would have been a great President.

  34. Tim Kirby Says:

    Please just show me where to sign. It seems fitting that an American patriot, such as Dr. Hart, would seek to establish such a party. How do we make this insightful notion a reality professor?

  35. Nancy Lee Says:

    This is an eloquent summation of the ideals of most rational Americans. I agree that somehow we have gotten terribly off course. However, unlike Michael, I do not point the finger of blame at our president. I am tired of the blame game. It’s time to have all Americans remember that this is the UNITED States of America; this constant bickering, political gamesmanship, partisan divisions are what is killing our spirit.
    The Tea Party has shown us that a third party is not the answer. We need to be involved in the process to search and support the best candidates from within our political system to ensure the election of people who will stand for these ideals.

  36. Art Denzau Says:

    Senator Hart,
    Your Manifesto is indeed inspiring, but I find it difficult to understand how you intend to progress these issues without the formation of a third party. Within the confines of either of the existing parties, the deck is stacked against you. I see any effort along the lines you propose being squashed by the party as contrarian and counter-productive. How do you propose to further the ideas presented in your manifesto within the current party ideologies??

  37. Qui Trinh Says:

    Mr. Hart,
    You’ve definitely been holding back too much. I agree, workers’ safety deserves protection. Enough with this blood bath over oil there needs to be action.

    This is going on my facebook.

  38. Gary Hart Says:

    In response to Mr. Denzau and otheres, we all must place our flag in the soil and promote principles that most Americans believe in. In the rancor of the day, the extremists get all the media attention–indeed, have their own networks–and the rest of us remain silent and on the sidelines. I belong to a party that, throughout history, has stood for most of these ideals and principles. As a member of that party, I do my best to try to summon it to those ideals and principles. A while back I did so in a book entitled: The Courage of Our Convictions. This is when the party began to lose its way in search of some amorphous position called “centrism” and its leaders voted, mostly out of self-protection not principles, for the war in Iraq.

  39. Gary Hart Says:

    And to Qui Trinh may I say that it has never been my political style to “hold back.” I believe what I say, and I say what I believe.

  40. Andrew Says:

    Now is the time…let’s roll. Count me in and sign me up.

  41. Brian C McCarthy Says:

    Sen Hart, how can those of us who believe in principles like these, but who are not willing to resort to demagoguery, fear-mongering, and just plain screaming and shouting, defeat those who gladly do resort to those measures? It is hard to win a boxing match playing by Marquess of Queensbury rules when the other fellow is throwing rabbit punches and the referees are cable news stations, websites, Facebook pages, and other outlets that look for 24/7 headlines. You yourself pointed out in one of your books that it is easier to ask “where’s the beef?” than it is to unload the beef truck. How can reason and thought overwhelm ideologues who write ranting blogs in all capital letters when all forms of modern media embrace quick, shallow, and tabloidish forms of communication? This is not a facetious question. Seriously, how does one defeat political barbarians without acting like one?

  42. Chris R. Says:

    Greetings and salutations to the Sage of Troublesome Gulch!

    As I understand, you, as a young man worked, on the railroads in Kansas. Regarding “the able-bodied should have the opportunity to work”. (I am sure that you didn’t mean that as “right to work” as in anti-union.) In recent years we have seen the neoliberals engage in an economic policy of exporting jobs while importing workers. No one should be surprised that unemployment is so high. The only permitted solution to this problem is supply side tax cuts.

    As someone once known for “new ideas” is it not time to implement some old ideas like FDR did to help the unemployed, i.e., the WPA, the CCC? When I go to fast food restaurants and resorts I see jobs which in my youth my friends and I worked now filled by foreign youth on cultural exchange visas. U.S. companies also prefer to hire foreign tech workers with the H-1B visa program. Considering that unemployment is now over 9% shouldn’t we require U.S. companies to hire U.S. citizens for these jobs?

  43. noel Says:

    Gary, we need your vision and your gumption. Join the battle – enter the race . . . give us someone we can count on and vote for.

  44. Paul G. Says:

    Today is the 10th anniversary of the week before what we in the US now commonly refer to simply as “9/11,” when reality was denied, and thousands had to choose between jumping to their death or burning to death. In the ensuing 10 years our defense-security related costs have exploded at a rate of about a $1trillion a year while our values as a republic that cares about people have imploded. Why? What can we do?


    Seven months after he co-chaired President Clinton’s 14-member commission that spent much of the prior 2 years traveling among and listening to the people of the Middle East and heard their anger about US the implied disrespect of growing encroachment of our military on their sacred lands, Hart-Rudman unanimously warned the newly incoming President Bush and the US Congress of terrorist attacks on US homeland symbols of power and recommended steps to effectively prevent or respond to such attacks while also honestly addressing Middle East grievances.


    Not only did Clinton and Bush never once publicly utter the commission name, “Hart-Rudman,” but worked to prevent public mention in Congress and the media. Even our national paper of record, The NY Times did not print a word about the commission’s warning and recommendations. Why would those sworn under our Constitution to protect our lives as their primary duty refuse to warn us of danger and take immediate safety steps?


    Paul Revere warned the people, “The British are Coming!”
    JFK warned the people, “The Russians are Coming!”
    Gary Hart warned the White House, “The Terrorists are Coming!”

    Sept. 6, 2001, Hart flew to the White House and met with President Bush’s national security advisor and former Hart aide, Condolezza Rice, and told her he believed the attacks are imminent as headlined by Canada’s Montreal Gazette the previous day. But she told him there was nothing she could do as the president had formally delegated his primary constitutional responsibility for US safety to VP Cheney.

    Five days later, the attacks occurred.

    Thousands who paid their taxes for the warning they never read or heard died horrible deaths as many had to tearfully make their only choice: jump or burn. Naturally, as night follows day, our so-called leaders of both major parties continued the cover-up under the duct-tape of “fear” and “security” as their war-mongering business profited by the $trillions with such unpatriotic warnings of their own: “The Iraqis are Coming!”


    Today, these so-called leaders – of both major parties – still dare not speak the unprofitable truth. They’ve even cited the deficit as a reason to deny cancer coverage to the thousands of volunteer first responders who died and continue dying from their efforts to save the victims of 9/11.

    We had a surplus before 9/11. In the ensuing 10 years we’ve spent over $12 trillion on “defense” related costs in major part for ignoring Hart’s warning and President Clinton’s Hart-Rudman recommendations that remained unmentioned even in the so-called post-9/11 Report of 2004. Today, our country is in denial of these true events and directly related costs as our so-called leaders blame everything else under the sun for our current $14 trillion deficit as they continue to seek or maintain power at costs far greater to our republic by their continuing denial of our reality.


    History is replete with warnings of this reality: either we jump to save our republic or we burn as all empires must.

  45. Ken Dean Says:

    Senator Hart,

    An ‘Exploratory Committee’ for 2012, would allow you to give some excellent presentations across the county to countless interested citizens, and major media outlets every where, in key regions of the country, and coast to coast. At the core you are a teacher, an author, a wise sage, and rare leader. The endeavor need not be born to only educate and directly challenge a person, or persons. And to challenge all of us. Rather the true purpose, a full noble clear expression, mapping out of an agenda for a nation, of what politics and higher ground, and higher purpose, and real American values,lived at the core, are. The whole process and conversation, and national foundation, needs to be elevated. Many notches. “Without a vision, the people perish.” — Isaiah

    The Socrates and Tolstoy anchors of depth, throughout your soul, can give this mission clarity, a well spring of life. The nation is hungering for light and for wisdom. Few have insight, in the way you have insight and vision, all from the blend and harvest of your life forces, to serve, to study, to see, to discern, to share.

    The missing link. 98% of the people have not heard what you have to say. 50% of those within (this 98%,) will be deeply touched. The seeds need to reach a multitude of pastures, pastures hungry for some clarity and light.

    As Goethe said, if you move, the universe will move as well, providing the next steps. If you are in, i am in with you.

    Sign me up

  46. Andy Says:

    I recently came across a disturbing quote from a life long democrat who voted for the republican congressman in New York that replaced Anthony Weiner. She voted for the republicans because she wanted to “send a message to Obama that he should do more.” Whatever happened to voting for people that you think would best represent your district and your country? Perhaps these symbolic votes are similar to lower income folks who vote for politicians who clearly do not serve their interests? Our politicians are flawed, yes – but the voting public is flawed too. We vote someone in office from party A and then in the midterm elections weaken their power by voting for party B in the Congress/Senate. America, for all of its progressiveness and forward thinking is allergic to giving too much power to one side and what results is a weakened middle that is marginalized and unpopular. The voting public has been spoiled with the good times and we become impatient when we don’t see results – and so we flip and flop and dilly and dally and we end up with weakened leaders who must kowtow to the party line, all created by us. I like the concept of defining what makes a party of patriots – we must own up to our responsibility as citizens and not think we’re entitled to a leader who can break through the roadblocks we ourselves put up.

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