The Big Bet

Author: Gary Hart

Did someone in or very close to the Oval office in the White House call the acting Secretary of Defense between 1:30 and 5 pm ET and suggest in the strongest terms that approval to deploy National Guard troops around the U.S. Capitol to suppress the insurrection against the Government of the United States on January 6th be slow walked?

If I were a betting man, I know how I would bet.  But I will bet that sooner or later that question will be authoritatively answered.

In any except the Trump administration, we would have to say “of course not.”  But this was the Trump administration which demonstrated time and time again that civilized rules of behavior did not apply.

Congressional hearings are seeking to determine why three and a half hours elapsed between the initial urgent request for military assistance to protect the Capitol and Members of Congress, including the Speaker of the House and the Vice President of the United States, among many others.  So far, the testimony has consisted of confusion,  crossed communication wires, unclear military jurisdictions, authority to deploy, and close to universal anger by law enforcement officials as to why the National Guard was not immediately deployed during an insurrection.

The one indisputable fact is that then President Trump had consumed a huge amount of his fraudulent cool aid about the outcome of the election and faced one last stand—stop the Constitutional certification of electoral college outcomes as a final act in declaring former Vice-president Joe Biden as the authentic winner of the election.

When, hours before, then Vice-president Mike Pence rejected Trump’s demand that he refuse to certify electoral college outcomes in a handful of key States, Trump had one last trump card—summon an army of thugs to trash the Congress.

A sitting president thus became guilty of organizing an insurrection against his own Government.

And many members of the willfully ignorant army he summoned confirmed the verdict:
“We’re here because he told us to.”  Remember the old movie line: “These are desperate men and they will stop at nothing.”  Describes Donald Trump to a tee.

If Congressional committees have not already subpoenaed the White House phone logs during that critical three and a half hours, they should do so immediately.  It may be too late.  They may have already joined the mysterious gaps in the Nixon tapes.

Deductive reasoning alone dictates that the President of the United States does not summon a mob on the final formal day of reckoning and then direct them to the Capitol as electoral votes were being certified and cut them off before they had done the intended job of preventing that certification.  The last thing the instigator-in-chief wanted was a detachment of National Guard troops preventing the army of vandals from achieving what he sent them there to do.

If this narrative is correct, a body of legal scholars believe a president can be impeached even after leaving office.  This time he would surely be convicted.

3 Responses to “The Big Bet”

  1. H. Patrick Pritchard Says:

    Further proof of your narrative regarding the actions of our ex-instigator-in-chief on January 6, 2021 can be his actions on June 1, 2020 against peaceful protests in Lafayette Square. The summoning of the National Guard, Regular military troops, and other unidentified military units was instinatious. These troops easily cleared the square of peaceful protesters by attacking them with tear gas, batons, and rubber bullets. The objective was a photo op of the instigator-in-chief standing in front of a church holding a bible upside down. He wasn’t concerned about optics on that day.

    There is no doubt in any logical mind the actions of the Depart of Defense to slow walk the deployment of the National Guard on January 6 was deliberate!

  2. Stephen D. Pillow Says:

    I for one am inclined toward the attitude of the old west. “Give the gui8lty bastard a fair trial and hang him.” This is a matter that needs swift resolution, which is not happening. The longer that this drags on, the less meaningful will be the outcome.

  3. Elizabeth Miller Says:

    The narrative appears to be correct. But, if anyone still thinks Trump would be convicted of anything I have a bridge to sell them. Ahem.

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