To All Our Friends

Author: Gary Hart

Message to Our Friends:

To everyone on this site or within its reach: take very good care of yourselves.  Absent national leadership and authority, the burden of care falls on each of us and our individual communities.  The human spirit is strong, resilient, and will prevail.

Health care experts, largely outside of Washington, are clear on what each of us must do to protect ourselves.  If we are fortunate, this pandemic will peak and pass and we will make our way back to some degree of normalcy.

In the meantime, please look after yourselves and take the precautions we are advised to take.

In terms of age, my wife Lee and I are in the danger zone.  With few exceptions, we have been very fortunate health wise.  We’ve been through a good deal, politically and otherwise.  It is what it is.

Crises, and this one is far from its peak, have a way of telling all of us who we are and what we are made of.  Based on your comments and thoughts over the years, you have all shown strengths, thoughtfulness, and a high degree of community and human kindnesses.  These will carry people like you through even the greatest threats and dangers.

Let’s stay in contact with each other.  Continue to focus on the challenges not only of today but also those on the horizon.

Take care of yourselves.  God bless.


7 Responses to “To All Our Friends”


    Dear Senator Hart

    That is how you are to those of us here, a very dear man and a wise man that makes that especially true, for any who know you and your efforts.

    Thoughts like these are reciprocated by us here and any who are aware of this forum. Fond regards to you and your wife from me and from mine.

    Your post gets to the point of this. It is not over. Please see my article Viral Expertise at and if any do, please do share it, it is to help those who are too lacking yet in understanding of the need for the measures that might lead to this crisis getting dealt with better.

    Our forum here is, as Elizabeth and colleagues often say, a small but very significant oasis and in a large and highly dangerous desert.

    Stay safe one and all….

  2. Brian McCarthy Says:


    Too bad Mr Trump didn’t say something to that effect instead of his nationalistic rant last night. A “foreign virus” that “started in China” and that won’t stand a chance against Recently-Made-Great-Again America. I am at a loss to explain the UK exclusion from the ban on travelers from Europe except to guess it’s because he likes Boris Johnson and doesn’t like the EU.

    Everyone stay healthy and safe.




    As a Brit, my wife, originally an American only, now something of the two, and myself, are aghast!

    Read my article, inspired by the for my liking, little other than hand washing, we in the UK are told is best.

    Nearly every country in the eu is more actively dealing with it, but not according to the man in the orange suit!

  4. Kathleen A Batson Says:

    From the first day I met you, always a measured and thoughtful voice. Take best of care, Lee and Gary.

  5. Brian McCarthy Says:


    I did read your article, and my take on it is this: a certain percentage of the population is against “experts” because experts are necessarily highly educated, thereby making them “the elite” to people who use such terms. The day is past when being educated, informed, impartial, and credible were universally admired qualities—now those qualities make you suspect to a certain faction. This morning, I was watching MSNBC coverage of Covid19 when a guest on Morning Joe suggested that Dr. Anthony Fauci, possibly the United States’s foremost expert on diseases, might be sidelined by Donald Trump simply for the fact that he knows more about Coronavirus than just about anyone, tells the truth about it, and commits the mortal sin of not saying that the Trump administration has done everything it coulda/shoulda/woulda. It isn’t a far fetched, left field idea. DT botched his speech. Instead of saying something compassionate, unifying, and human (like our mutual friend Senator Hart did above), he went on a predictable nationalistic rant that shows his real priorities. I agree with your premise, Lorenzo, and with Sen. Hart’s thoughts above. I add to them my concern that anti-intellectualism will obstruct the correct path to solving the problem.


  6. H Patrick Pritchard Says:

    Take extra good care of yourself cousin. You, Lee, Andrea, and John are always in my thoughts. The good and decent people in this country know a virus honors no man made boundaries be they geographical or cultural. The coronavirus is impervious to attacks by Trump and his supporters. It will pay him no homage. In the absence of clear direction from the White House we have seen State and Local Officials; private entities and our fellow citizens take action to minimize the spread of this virus. I am hopeful that Congress has finally gotten it act together to provide the financial and medical resources needed to meet the challenge before us. By the grace of God may our efforts prevail.


    Brian, yes, thanks, you as usual, fair.

    The UK are changing the approach regularly, the advice they say misunderstood!

    No two experts always are in lock step.

    Forgive the pun…

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