It is amazing how much the Founders of our nation understood human nature and sought to structure a government to anticipate those seeking excess power, what they called “factions”, or special interest, single issue groups now dominating political parties, careerism, corruption, and a wide variety of human attempts to undermine the republican ideal.

What they could not have anticipated was a president, the leader of the executive branch of government, who did not like or trust his own government.

Had I spent more time on psychology in my extended graduate education search, I might be better at getting inside the Trumpian mind to analyze his narcissism, paranoia, and patent insecurities.  (But any and all who do understand these and other troubling tendencies should weigh in with how they should be understood in a chief executive with a nuclear trigger.)

Much in evidence is the Trumpian demand for personal loyalty.  There are oaths to protect and defend the Constitution required of elected and appointed officials, but none that require absolute loyalty to a democratically elected president.

Even before taking office, Trump issued dire warnings about something he called “the deep state.”  Presumably he got this from his guru Stephen Bannon or some such.  But from whomever, it was meant to say not to expect total obedience from the career civil service.

They were presumed to be “liberal” and therefore antagonistic.  Nevermind that they carried out, for good or for ill, orders for deregulation and downsizing from conservative presidents from Nixon and Reagan through two Bushes.  They did so even when there were Congressionally enacted laws on the books requiring otherwise.

Trump was soon to feel justified in his paranoia by early and consistent leaks from inside his administration, not from career civil servants but from personally appointed White House staff and cabinet officers astounded by what they were commanded to do totally outside the law.

But it was easier for Trump, who has never admitted to a mistake in his life, to blame these leaks on the “deep state” rather than his personal appointees.  We have become so used to chaos in the White House and the administration that it is taken for granted that everyone’s head is on the block every hour.

But “stable geniuses” make no mistakes, so he must blame someone else for the always revolving door.

So here we are, with a president who does not trust the government he was elected to administer.  This is true across the board in economic policy, domestic policy, foreign policy, ad defense.  It is absolutely astounding that he can call the combat bemedaled Joint Chiefs of Staff “babies” and get away with it.  This from the leader of a political party priding itself on national security.

They shrug and say, That’s just Trump being Trump.  Besides, he is doing what we want him to do on judges, guns, abortion, and much else.

The trade off is: We get what we want so long as we go along with his craziness.

The re-election ointment was sailing smoothly until, oops, an unexpected virus emerged.  Well, since re-election was supposed to be a coronation, someone is to blame.  Candidates are: Democrats, of course, the media, of course, and hysteria.  Perhaps a biological weapons factory in China, operating, of course, in connivance with Democrats and the media concocted this virus and let it go…simply to defeat Donald Trump.

Thus, the marriage between paranoia and narcissism.

But family, staff, and advisers are taught to say that viruses come and go, some will live and some will die, but we shouldn’t let Science get in the way of nature.

A clever playwright should do a 90 minute production of the Founders pondering Trump and offering advice on how we should deal with him.  But that would require them to ponder something they had never imagined before.

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    A play, a farce, a comedy of errors, renamed by the Playwrite in chief, as A Comedy of Fake News!

    Trump faces fewer tonight as two candidates pull back from the D’s race.

    Carter has an open mind. Does our host?

    We need someone who can win.Sanders is a risk and could win because of this. Biden is safe and could lose because of the same.

    Warren or Buttigieg could be good vp choice of either Sanders , Biden .

    But the framers of the nation’s got did not quite imagine Trump, reality tv might have surprised them more than demagoguery.

    Dr David Owen, former Foreign secretary, ex Social democrat leader, now independent social democrat peer in the upper hse, a psychologist by profession, wrote a book on what he calls, the Hubris syndrome, he puts politicians, metaphorically on the couch and looks into their minds. Similar has been written before though not as original,especially on Nixon.

    Trump is the biggest ego ever, to be found in politics. As written in this piece, no humility, never a great feature of politicians, but absent in the occupier of the top job now.

    He is a by a lot of descriptions, from those who know more, not the author of all his, books. Same, no doubt of most of the detail of the flow from his decisions.

    The man is even more often an oddity than the President.

    Better then Biden past his best, than Trump who never had a best and doesn’t yet!

  2. Stephen D. Pillow Says:

    “A clever playwright should do a 90 minute production of the Founders pondering Trump and offering advice on how we should deal with him. But that would require them to ponder something they had never imagined before.”

    This brings to mind the productions that Steve Allen brought to TV, where various prominent historical figures were grouped together and discussed topics of current concern. I wish that someone would do a similar production today.

  3. Paul G Says:


    This is a good time – on the eve of 2020 Super Tuesday – to begin peel back the psycho-onion that has become today’s near-totally corrupt anti-government stew that’s stinking up our founders’ gift to us; treason, betrayal, corruption, once the unique recipe of kings and dictators, is now our common flavor.

    For America’s first centuries such was the exception, but now it’s become the rule.

    Tragically, in our living memory, citizens of goodwill who volunteered to lead and serve an equitable table for all Americans, have been psychologically assassinated– since the murders of JFK and RFK.

    Peeling back the cover-ups of (1) treasonous sabotage Johnson’s Paris Peace Talks in ‘68; (2) sabotage of Carter’s Hostage Negotiations in ‘79; (3) media “Where’s the Beef?” fake news “Split Decision” headlines ruled though Hart won 6 of 8 states (one state, Hawaii, “uncommitted”) in the Super Tuesday ’84 contest; (4) Winner of 25 states the incorruptible Hart candidacy for equity in America was destroyed twice in ’88 – first with an Iran-Contra era fake denial quote news headline, and 7 months later with a fake finance corruption headline as he again topped all polls; (5) the sudden supreme court appointment of a president in ‘00; (6) willful blindness of leaders in both major parties and media complicity ignoring taxpayer warnings of 9/11-style attacks, and corrupt prosecution of unnecessary wars in ’03; all leading to the election in ’16 of a totally corrupt and treasonous near-dictator.

    Are there ingredients COMMON to this stew beyond the obvious?

    Tragically, again, too many “good” people remained silent or neutral or quietly benefited in some way as certain individuals grew like a silent cancer eventually threatening to destroy our founders’ republic of checks and balances to most of our body politics’ natural instincts for power and control. Unpeeled for our awareness only in recent years, these soulless profiteers at the public’s table include Nixon-era psychological manipulator supreme Roy Cohn, Roger Ailes, Roger Stone; Reagan-era psychological manipulator supreme Paul Manafort, and his acolyte Lee Atwater and partner Charles Black, followed by Karl Rove et al.

    Let’s hope we win and keep our republic as an equitable leader finally prevails above this awful half-century stew in 2020.

  4. Michael Says:

    Turns out we need big gub’ment. Must be a shocker for some folks.

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