The Real Deep State

Author: Gary Hart

The only reason a President should hate his own government is when it won’t do what he wants it to.  What he wants it to do is to disregard the law, as he does.  So, when he orders something to be done that is illegal and the Executive branch, which he is supposed to administer, refuses to do an act contrary to the law, he and those who work with him and unquestioningly follow him accuse a mythical “deep state”.

Of course, there is no separate hidden state.  There is an administrative branch of government largely led by career civil servants.  They are there by their own choice and appointment to responsible positions by virtue of their experience and talent.

If the career civil service refuses to break the law, they do so because they are oath bound to do so, even if ordered to break the law by the President.

Donald Trump came to Washington to operate the Executive branch of government as he chose to do so.  He thought everyone in government worked for him and not the American people.  (FN: After taking the oath of office, I told my Senate staff they did not work for me, they worked for the people of Colorado and of the United States.)

Among the many myths Trump chose to believe, because of his ignorance of our system of government and our Constitution, this one angers him the most.  If my orders are not carried out, he fumes, there is a secret system out to get me.

It has never occurred to him that there is a much higher loyalty than to him.  The senior civil service is loyal to the laws passed by Congress and the regulations promulgated to carry out those laws.  Those laws cannot be abrogated by a President.  So, he appoints a Cabinet whose members set about dismissing duly enacted regulations by previous Democratic and Republican administrations.

This is especially true where the Obama administration is concerned and where regulations to protect the public lands, the environment, public resources, climate, wildlife, and a host of public recreation areas are concerned.  Privatize it all is his motto.  And Cabinet officers, largely wealthy lobbyists, are delighted to comply.

The only “deep state” that exists is the one he has created.  It exists to dismantle decades of public interest programs in virtually all areas and to privatize as much of the commonwealth as it can.  Even when Trump’s Party had majorities in both Houses of Congress, many Republicans did not want to vote to eliminate popular laws that worked.  Therefore, the dirty work would be done behind the scenes by self-interested Cabinet and sub-Cabinet loyalists who had no constituency to object.  All know they will be welcomed back into special interest land with handsome salaries to reward their efforts.

For a President and administration operating by principles of distraction, it makes perfect sense to attack a “deep state” that does not exist in order to distract attention from a deep state they have created.

And the Trumpian deep state now extends internationally.  We now know that the career foreign service officers represented by our Department of State have been decimated and are being replaced by inexperienced freelance hacks such as Rudy Giuliani to carry out impeachable offenses in Ukraine and who know where else.

We are now at a point where the national interest and the interests of all Americans are represented against Trump’s deep state by whistleblowers and watchdogs stunned by the immorality of this administration.

If the Republicans in the Senate protect their political careers by refusing to vote conviction on a House-passed impeachment indictment, then it will be up to a majority of Americans to shut down the Trump deep state at the ballot box.

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  1. Neil McCarthy Says:

    All true.

    But there’s an additional truth. On the reaction and conduct surrounding impeachment, when you compare Trump to the two presidents most recently impeached, Nixon (de facto) and Clinton (de jure), alarm bells go off. Nixon (grudgingly) respected institutions so that he left when senior Republicans told him it was over, and Clinton’s ability to compartmentalize allowed him to get the work of the presidency done even while he fought back on impeachment and in the later Senate trial. Trump is neither Nixon nor Clinton. He’ll try to take the ship down with him. Or get us to back off because we fear he will.

    With Trump, for me, you always have to understand the scoundrels in our past (which, as Faulkner said, “is never dead. It’s not even past”) to comprehend how low he goes. And, perhaps because presidential politics is in the air and this scoundrel was so central to that politics in the past, but mostly because of what a critic who tangled with him came away thinking when it was all over (which was “when you fight with a skunk, you wind up stinking even if you win”), Trump reminds me of William Loeb, the long ago publisher of the Manchester Union Leader in New Hampshire.

    For any interested, my views on Loeb’s antics and the Trumpian parallel at at

  2. Michael Says:

    There is really nothing more one can add to this piece. Senator Hart has perfectly described the very dangerous position the nation is in: a president intent on corrupting as many of our institutions and government departments as he can, destroying as much as he can, just for the sake of doing so – with the Republican Party either actively helping him or looking the other way. Like any ruthless authoritarian, he has successfully put the fear of God into weak men and women who might think to challenge him. Yet today we may have gone a step further. Trump is now displaying very real delusions of grandeur and a messianic infallibility. He just this morning tweeted: “As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!).”
    How long can this be allowed to continue? If it does continue there are exactly two ways it can end: in either disaster or catastrophe.

  3. Paul G Says:


    By accepting a US sanctioned Russian oligarch’s financing of a new factory in the majority leader’s home state (KY), especially during the Mueller investigation, our media should raise a this big red flag to say “nyet.”

    But we haven’t. And he hasn’t. But we must.

    Still, the majority leader continues to accept such adversarial “generosity” from Putin’s business partner, Oleg Deripasqua, while remaining – at best – silent, as a top accomplice, our president, repeatedly says “bolshi.”

    If this isn’t proof of our slide into total corruption of our republic (from Cold War / Iran-Contra era to present) led by money-changer Manafort et al: Stone, Black, Kelly, Atwater, Ailes, Barr; then what else can it be?

    Decades later, admission of wrong-doing is seen as weak. Our “leader” – and too many media referees – relentlessly attack even the very idea that “truth” itself exists. Therefore, if everything is merely “political,” all’s a joke.

    When both major parties crucify truth-teller candidates and whistleblowers, how can we be surprised when our leaders’ admitted impeachable offenses are so callously minimized by them and “our” media? Let’s call the vote.

    ‘Tis time we say “nyet bolshi” / “no more.”

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