Happy Independence Day

Author: Gary Hart

Happy Fourth of July to one and all, including our friends in Canada and England, who continue to participate in this humble experiment in democratic dialogue and the promotion and protection of civility in an increasingly uncivil era.  It is a distinct honor for me to share your thoughts and ideas.  Thank you.  Gary Hart

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  1. Ray Mizumura Says:

    Thank you, Senator Hart. I enjoy the blog and I benefit from it. This is an oasis on the Internet. There’s no doubt about that. Happy Independence Day.

  2. Michael Says:

    The photos of children in cages on this July 4th should remind us all that American independence was and is an unfulfilled promise. It guaranteed not freedom, but a continuation of life in bondage for millions. It would mean the extermination of indigenous peoples. “Deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” meant keeping those powers to an elite few. Yet, for 243 years, our citizens, in numbers large and small, have persevered in their attempt to perfect the vision put forth by imperfect men, often against daunting odds. Success was never guaranteed. But somehow we moved slowly forward. That’s a reason to celebrate, even now. Happy 4th to all.


    Happy Independence Day, to Senator Hart our friends , colleagues, herein and abroad, from an Englishman with a part American oriented heart, and an actual American origin wife. She too, sends her regards, knowing the worth of this forum from my involvement in it.

    It is an honour that is rare, to share, the company of our host, the difference he, we, try and make, special.

  4. Edward Goldstick Says:

    Thank you, Gary Hart, et al…

  5. Ray Mizumura Says:

    Our Independence Day will survive yesterday’s assault on it by the preening President. Once again he mauls memory and history, polluting the present and, true to form, demonstrating abysmal character while pandering to cynicism. In this context, his asinine remark about Revolutionary War-era troops conducting operations around airports is no mere gaffe. Instead, it represents in miniature the sorry condition of our public discourse and the shame of a nation where a demagogue convinces his followers “I am your voice,” and where they are all too willing to join him in a march to where “truth isn’t truth” (Giuliani).

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