Juliana v US

Author: Gary Hart
A while back I posted a message from my friend Bill Becker, managing director of the Presidential Climate Action Project, regarding a suit brought by 20 young people against the US Government on the theory their lives were diminished or threatened by global warming.  Elizabeth particularly paid attention to this and wanted more information.  Here is the message Bill sent today.  GH
For those who did not see 60 Minutes Sunday night, it aired a story about Juliana v United States, the lawsuit being pursued by 21 young people against the U.S. government to stop its support of fossil fuels. You’ll find it here:
William Becker
Executive Director
Presidential Climate Action Project

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  1. Elizabeth Miller Says:

    Thanks very much for the update, Senator Hart.

    The courts may be the best hope for spurring real action to mitigate the impacts of climate change – before it’s too late for our planet, if it’s not too late already.

    The only other hope, such as it is in some places, is for serious political action at national and international levels. While individual action can seem admirable, people are fooling themselves if they think what they do at the local level and in their homes is having any impact on the overall.

    People who are only focused on what THEY can do “to save the environment” are really a dangerous distraction from and deterrent to national and global actions. If people are really concerned about the future of the planet, then they need to get serious about the importance of their vote in electing leaders who share their concerns.

    I’m putting a lot of faith in the Juliana v. US lawsuit. Not so much in the capability of the media to do its part. Perhaps some faith in the eventual Democratic presidential nominee – but I’m probably fooling myself.

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