Where Have You Gone, Elizabeth

Author: Gary Hart

We are missing Elizabeth Miller’s sometimes acerbic wit, keen insights, and often challenging observations.  We hope she is well and will return to this site when she is able.  Our numbers are too small to let anyone disappear.  The advantage of small membership is the identity each member reveals.  Perhaps nostalgically, I sense the identity of each of our regular commentators and the often illuminating exchanges that occasionally occur.  In moments of crises of the soul, I have sometimes been guilty of straying from the forum of political opinion and, if so, I pray that was not the cause of her leaving.  I promise not to indulge in my own personal preoccupations again.  Be well, Elizabeth, and come back to the matters of principle forum.  Gary

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    As said in my previous comments here, our mc and founder has more interest in real intelligent debate and enriches by genuine rapport with us, those regular contributors to his excellent website, my favourite, and surely that of colleagues.

    I think the piece here a rarity. Not often that figures a fraction as busy, senior, or involved with matters of importance, would bother.

    Gary Hart , you are the very combination we need more of, confidence and humility, much of one instead of the other , makes for either, too much ego, or too little we can really believe possible as it would be too good to be true, and mere hot air.

    Here it is true, the reach out, utterly sincere, no hot air, or warm words only, rather a warm expression of interest.

    As for Elizabeth, I welcome the posting, she is a really fine commentator, and a good person with much to contribute. She is not active on social media, have asked her before, so , with a name not uncommon, difficult to find.

    Most unlikely anything here was the cause. She, like most of us regulars, delights in the conversion here.


    A slip of the tongue or keyboard, makes the description of Elizabeth and us all, instead of having, delight in the conversation, being, delight in the conversion, funny, converting anybody, something our senator Hart, is very unlikely to attempt, nor would he need to, as we are all true believers in the one faith here, open mindedness!!!

  3. Paul G Says:


    Our host’s humble and heart-felt appeal may also include “Chris R.” I found his often-insightful comments were grounded on lessons from battles with professional anti-Hart dirty tricksters disguised as benign editors on other platforms. If a comment may be “too clever by half” on occasion, it failed with noble intent. To cite Ireland’s Beckett, “Let’s fail better.”

  4. Brian McCarthy Says:


    It warms my heart to know that you miss your regular contributors when they don’t respond for a period of time.

    I too enjoy Ms Miller’s contributions and encourage her return.


  5. Elizabeth Miller Says:

    Senator Hart,

    Has it been that long? Heh.

    Seriously, I’m speechless. (It happens)

    I’ve missed engaging with you and with our small band of friends here. This forum remains – now and always – my place of refuge in an increasingly disruptive era of politics and world affairs.

    For the last many years, my mom has been dealing with dementia and I’ve been taking care of her at home (a labour of love, to be sure) while working full-time and lot of my spare time has been filled with sleep. I haven’t even taken down the Christmas tree yet. 🙂

    Consequently, there’s been virtually no time for thoughtful comments. Which are the only kind of comments worthy of taking up precious space on this excellent forum.

    Straying from the forum of political opinion is good for the soul, Senator, so please don’t refrain from doing so! We are all the better for it.

    My heartfelt thanks for your kind words and I look forward to getting myself organized enough to find the time to contribute again soon, Elizabeth

  6. Elizabeth Miller Says:


    It’s always nice converting with you.

    Seriously, I think a little conversion around here would be fun. 🙂

    And, thanks for the kind words!

  7. Elizabeth Miller Says:


    I agree – we need more Chris R.

  8. Gary Hart Says:

    Dear Elizabeth, welcome back. My concern was that you had encountered ill luck and certainly your family concerns are in that category. Please accept my, and all others here, regrets for your mother’s illness. For all you younger friends here, aging is not for cowards. Family well before politics. If anyone can pull her through, I have a real sense you can. Comment or not as time permits. Your many friends here are happy to have you back. Gary

  9. Elizabeth Miller Says:


    >>>>It warms my heart to know that you miss your regular contributors when they don’t respond for a period of time.

    Me, too!

  10. Brian McCarthy Says:


    My favorite aunt also suffered from dementia over many years. My uncle took care of her at home as long as he physically could but it is, of course, a progressive disease and it is very commendable that you devote your free time to her care.

    I join with Senator Hart in welcoming you back and wish your mom well in her struggle.



    Thanks to Senator Hart for your doing this, thanks to Elizabeth for your returning thus…

  12. JD Kinnick Says:


    You and your family are in our prayers.

  13. Elizabeth Miller Says:

    Thanks to all!

  14. Bill Pruden Says:

    Whether you are offering thoughtful commentary on the issues of the day, reminding us of the role we can play in our society, or continuing to look ahead and call out the best in us, your readers, and more broadly the American people, you have, though this blog, continued to perform a public service at a time when you had every right to retire and reflect back on a life of remarkable accomplishment, an example for the generation that bore witness to it as well as the ones still to come who will benefit from it. And yet here in reaching out to Elizabeth, you remind us what is, and has been the foundation of all you have done–a desire to serve and engage with your fellow citizens, to help build a community where all are valued and respected–be it the millions who at various times voted for you or the few of us who relish your thoughts in this forum or the many who can and will benefit from you efforts and example, however unaware of it they may be. Thank you.

  15. JD Kinnick Says:

    Sen. Hart

    Sorry to hear your old pollster, Pat Caddell passed away. His “generational” theme resonated well in the ’84 campaign and I always enjoyed his straightforward political commentary. He didn’t tow the party line and also worked for Carter, McGovern, Trump, etc,

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