What Awaits

Author: Gary Hart

Blessings on all who visit this site and who have been such loyal friends, critics, and commentators.

Whatever the coming year may hold, stay close to those you love, care for those in need of care,

stay strong in your convictions, and never, ever sacrifice principles.

Gary Hart

9 Responses to “What Awaits”


    A fine piece from a fine man.

    For one and all, Happy New Year !

  2. Edward Goldstick Says:

    Thank you, Senator Hart, for this forum.

    Happy New Year to all… with hope and fortitude for the future.

  3. Elizabeth Miller Says:

    Wonderful words to live by …

    A very happy, healthy and fun-filled 2018 to everyone here!

    And, for Lorenzo, I am so not a facebook user … or twitter or any of the other formats. I’ll be doing good just to get access to my email back again! 🙂

  4. Bill Pruden Says:

    A year ago even the most creative or cynical among us would have been hard pressed to imagine the year that we have just survived. And yet through all the travail and unprecedented damage to our democratic experiment that we have experienced, you have consistently served as both a voice of reason as well as a reminder of what a statesmen can be. It has been a source of comfort to read your thoughtful responses to the ongoing events of our time, while at the same time, your continuing commitment to our national discourse is no small source of inspiration for if anyone has earned the right to sit back and let thing run their course. And yet, despite a proud career of service that new extends back over five decades, yet you continue to stay in the game, calling upon the American people to play the role we must to make our system work. But you do not just call upon us, rather you serve an important, if all too often undervalued role–that of leader by example–through your efforts. So as we see what awaits, I want to start the new year off by saying thanks for all you have done over the many years to enhance and inspire our efforts, while also serving the nation in countless ways. Happy New Year.



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  6. Brian C McCarthy Says:

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018! Please continue to share your thoughts, concerns, and insights with us.

  7. Frank Zaveral Says:

    Dear Gary:

    I have known you since, as my memory serves me, you had shared some office space with Lamm & Young, Lamm in this case being Tom Lamm, brother of Dick Lamm. You were impressive then, and you have remained a source of pride to Colorado. I was honored to have supported your campaigns, in particular your presidential campaign, and very glad to have had the opportunity to talk with you a few times since; indeed, I still value your autograph!!. You are a class act, and you continue to offer good advice and wisdom for perilous times which are as dangerous as any in your and my lifetimes. Hope you have a terrific 2018.

  8. Chris R. Says:

    New Year’s greetings to the Sage of Troublesome Gulch. I hope that all is well with him and his family. While I sometimes disagree with him, I would hardly consider myself a critic. His critics have been proved wrong a long time ago. We did get the leaders we deserved.

  9. Paul G Says:



    America’s founders wisely selected Ben Franklin, 80, as president of our 1787 constitutional convention and helped create an experiment we know as the US republic. But only “if you can keep it,” he warned.

    Four score and seven years later at the depths of a long Civil War, a great president called on “the better angels of our nature” to rededicate ourselves to our constitutional principles. But less than two score years later, a president ignored Washington’s warning and resumed foreign entanglements to the enduring detriment of our welfare and founding ideals.

    Today, with a fact-challenged Baby Caesar as president our marathon experiment is on the verge of a nuclear crossroads.

    If JFK was still with us and mentally healthy – even at 100 – we’d likely have him run again to lead us as he did so courageously during the 13-days’ Cuban missile crisis. Unlike our ‘fire and fury’ Baby Caesar and too many fact-challenged presidents before him, JFK (like his apostle, our host) not only studied history and philosophy but proved a most enlightening writer and speaker.

    Now, with all of us caught in a super-power crossroads bordering on empire, why not rededicate ourselves to our republic?

    Those of us four score years of age or more may take note of our oldest president’s recent endorsement of an octogenarian (Joe Arpaio, AZ) to run for the US Senate. But we may more wisely take heart from the inspiring athleticism of runners 80+ who not only “experiment” with running 26.2 mile marathons but actually complete them.


    So, let’s get out of bed … whatever Morrissey may sing or 2018 may hold!

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