Author: Gary Hart

Future generations of Americans will consider with wonder a President of the United States whose sole unifying principle was to erase every achievement of his predecessor.  It may require some time, but surely psychological experts in the not too distant future will find some explanation for behavior which is almost entirely negative and destructive.

As a continuing student of American history, no precedent for this angry and insolent behavior comes to mind.  Could it be that he has absorbed all the years of vitriolic right-wing attacks on America’s first African-American president?  Is it possible that he truly believed the idiotic birther nonsense that launched his political career?  Can he possibly believe that leadership is demonstrated by behaving like a child with a hammer in a china shop?

It may take quite a long time, but sooner or later even Republican Members of Congress must admit that this misguided individual is tearing down not only Democratic achievements but much that their own Party has claimed credit for over the years.

The national conservation and preservation movement was launched, with the help of John Muir and others, by Theodore Roosevelt.  Dwight Eisenhower came to embrace the civil rights movement because to do otherwise played into communist hands.  Some landmark environmental progress was carried out by Richard Nixon.  Virtually all presidents since Jefferson understood the centrality of public education to our democracy.  Republican leaders from the dawn of the Cold War treated the Soviet Union, and even the modern Russia that survived it, with arms-length suspicion.

Where along the way of both Republican and Democratic leaders did America lose its greatness?  And how does abrogation of international trade, environmental, and arms control agreements restore it?

The stature, dignity, and respect for the presidency is not enhanced by childish late-night tweets composed by someone with the mentality of a thirteen year old.

Even as a serious nationwide search begins for a mature, intelligent, thoughtful leader who can undertake the restoration of our Republic, men and women of good will and genuine patriotism must stand up and be heard from.  Enough is enough.

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  1. Elizabeth Miller Says:

    I hope this means that there will no longer be anymore beating around the bush and that great leaders in America – civic, economic, political, cultural – will finally begin to explicitly call for and work toward the removal from office of this president or force him to choose resignation as his best option or both.

    Enough is enough, indeed!

  2. Stephen D. Pillow Says:

    “Future generations of Americans will consider with wonder a President of the United States whose sole unifying principle was to erase every achievement of his predecessor.”

    Finally someone has put in to words the activities, which the current occupant of the White House is perpetrating upon our country, our government, our citizens, our way of life, and our Constitution. I thank you Senator Hart for your comments on this burning issue. As you say, he is erasing every achievement that President Obama worked so hard to gain during his 8 years in office as the President of the United States of America. As you ask if he has absorbed the hate and vitriol that was heaped upon President Obama, I say yes, and for one single reason. President Obama is a proud BLACK man and this racist, like may of those who elected him, cannot abide the thought that such a person could possibly have contributed any thing of consequence to and for this nation and by extension to the world. All signs of his presence in this country must be erased.

    I cannot and will not bestow upon the aforementioned resident of the White House the title that 44 men have previously earned and respected. The current resident of the White House would claim that he is the 45th such person to have earned the position and the title requisite to the position to which he was elected. But I say that he has not, and by his very actions since assuming the position, he has proven that he is neither mentally, emotionally, nor intellectually fit or competent to fulfill the highest office of our beloved country.

    I find it unforgivable that the republican members of Congress have allowed this abomination to continue to remain in such a potent position of power to the detriment of our country’s hard earned honor and place of pride within the world community of nations.

    This aberration must be removed from our government immediately before he causes any more irreparable harm to We the People and all that we hold dear.

  3. Gary Hart Says:

    Had America’s voters been asked in 2016, Do you want to abandon a 70 year old system of mutual security, fair trade, and environmental protection in favor of go-it-alone nationalism that destroys that system, there is little doubt how the decision would have come out. Wittingly or not, we have accepted the second choice and will live with its consequences for years, if not generations, to come. Our European allies are systematically turning their backs on a world of right-wing nationalistic populism of the kind that brought us two world wars. They know, as our current leader and his quiescent members of Congress seems never to have learned, that progressive democracies require the kind of hard work he will never understand. GH

  4. Tom Gee Says:

    Since the birther thing set up his camdidacy, as you point out, I think it is fair to start there with the analysis. It is very difficult for me to believe that he actually believed what he said. I believe he used that without conscience. Thus, I think it is highly plausible that everything that followed is likewise dishonest. The only question, for me, is how long will it take for his shrinking base to become disenchanted. I hope that will be in time for the 2018 election.

  5. Elizabeth Miller Says:

    Why weren’t America’s voters asked those important questions. Why didn’t anyone focus on the issues that really mattered.

    Who will take that lead, if anyone, in 2018/20?


    What a remarkable thing to have a site like this started by one of the finest politicians of his generation or many, active at eighty, contributions from all ages , and even from the UK from me !

    We need you Senator and the sorts of things you say and think and express, and those of my fellow much rated colleagues herein.

    This week my country has a choice of a decent , increasingly useless centre right conservative going it with gusto for Brexit, and trying to be presidential in a non presidential scenario, or a pleasant left wing old protester, with a past that cannot but haunt him, friends ranging from Castro to Chavez, and a present bordering on a personality cult. The former has botched it , less popular by the day, but is probably going to be victorious, the latter has come on in leaps and bounds , more popular than ever, my party , the Liberal Democrats, the only possible comparison in this election, with Obama, Hart or Kennedy , Democrats of a liberal or Liberal orientation, is going on seven or eight per cent ! European politics which i multi party , with a two party obsessed and structured electoral system does not work !

    As in the UK, you too should rid yourself of your system, in this case that risible electoral college !

    President Clinton, the Hillary , Clinton, presidency, would have been victorious , despite the faults , she would have been a joy !

    Enough, no ! We have to , as Lillian Gish said in Charles Laughtons superb , and only film as director, the Night of the Hunter, ” endure and abide …”

  7. Tyler Says:


    I was just thinking that I’d love to view a panel of yourself, President Carter, and Ralph Nader. The panel could be titled, “How do we get our country back on track?” The moderator could be Naomi Klein.

    Tyler Healey

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