Technology and Its Discontents

Author: Gary Hart

A word to all concerned, especially the faithful commentators:  In its wisdom, the host of this website,, has chosen to “upgrade” the server for this site.  When this happened a week or so ago, I was unable to access the site myself.  So, predictably, I contacted’s Support office to ask for help.  It turns out I have to coordinate my php with their php, then stand on my head, then wander off into a bizarre tech world I don’t begin to understand, then I can access my own “upgraded”  website.   When I explained to Support that I was of the pre-technology generation that came along just after the invention of the electric light bulb and thus could not implement the crazy procedure required by the “upgrade”, Support recommended that I hire a webpage designer.  Being a man of modest means, to say the least, I’m not sure I can afford a webpage designer to jump through the hoops necessary to let me access my own website.

I believe I have now been granted a temporary reprieve, after weeping copious tears on the phone with Support, but only for a week or two.  All this to say, to anyone who cares, that I will either try to find a charitable soul who will help this cranky old politician  enter the brave new world, relocate mattersofprinciple to another service provider, or ride off into the pre-technology sunset…which would make my many critics very happy.  Other options are welcome.  Apologies for all this unnecessary confusion.


16 Responses to “Technology and Its Discontents”

  1. Elizabeth Miller Says:


    I am happy to help in the best way I can. Which is to say, best of luck with your problem!

    I’m lucky enough to have been able to access your website before the upgrade.

  2. Gary Hart Says:

    Thank you, Ms. Miller. Various offers of support are coming in, so a solution will be found or the host will saddle up and ride off into the sunset. GH

  3. Neil McCarthy Says:

    If you are forced to saddle up, please leave contact information. Your “sunsets” are others’ “dawns”.

  4. Paul Borg Says:

    Dear Senator Hart,

    Wishing you success in this endeavor. The times ahead would appear to offer us great challenges and opportunities.

    We will need to have all hands on deck and the good captain at the helm to navigate through these uncharted waters.

  5. Brian C McCarthy Says:

    Senator, you are always welcome to take over the Facebook fan page I administrate, and post your thoughts from there if another solution doesn’t present itself.

  6. Kathy Teti Says:

    We need your printed insight more than ever! But please don’t tweet! Any other format but that!

  7. Tom Gee Says:

    I suggest you consider using Facebook for your posts, as are Dan Rather, Bill Meyers, Robert Reich and other “resistance” leaders. Your voice needs to be heard.

  8. Tom Gee Says:

    …Bill Moyers…

  9. Jack DuVall Says:

    You may be able to migrate your blog to WordPress (which as you may know is an extremely large platform for blogs and websites), but you will need some assistance. WordPress is a very stable platform that’s a permanent fixture of the internet. ( There are others like it too. I can refer you to someone who would probably help you do it at no charge. Just send me an email.
    Jack DuVall

  10. Elizabeth Miller Says:

    Please don’t use facebook!!!!

  11. Bill Pruden Says:

    I am sure that my own level of tech savvy is less than yours, but I can and want to add my voice to the others who want you to know how important it is that you continue sharing your knowledge and wisdom, both of which are needed more than ever. Over the last few years you have been a beacon of hope and source of inspiration in an increasingly dark time. The need for voices like yours has never been greater than in the current political climate. Here is hoping for a solution. You voice is too important to be stilled by tech issues.

  12. Gary Hart Says:

    I deeply appreciate the many technical suggestions and expressions of concern. My wails and lamentations have been heard in the mysterious caves of Support and I just received the following message:
    “Thank you for your reply and the information. I was able to login and update
    your website. We have also moved your site to the newer version of the
    server, and its all compliant now.”
    So, there is kindness in the world, which hopefully will prevail in our new government, and this citizens thoughts and observations will still be expressed, for what they might be worth.
    Thanks to each and everyone of you. GH

  13. William Bradley Says:


  14. Elizabeth Miller Says:

    That’s a relief. 🙂

  15. Brian C McCarthy Says:

    Glad to hear the bug is fixed – can’t have the original Atari Democrat being stymied by techno-geeks. 😉 My offer remains open if you ever wish to manage the Facebook fan page yourself. Very glad you will remain an oasis of reasonable thought in this rapidly expanding desert of nonsense.

  16. Sarah Granger Says:

    Just saw this. Consider me an on-call resource if you run into future problems! Always happy to help.

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