Brief Retreat

Author: Gary Hart

As used here, retreat means to withdraw from the noises of the day to reflect and meditate.  There is currently too much static and dust to be able to reach any thoughtful analysis of the nature of the historic corner the United States seems to be turning.  Retreat means to step back and to step up, to obtain distance, to achieve perspective.  For the hardy band of followers, readers, and commentators on this site, look for a new post mid-May or thereabouts.  GH

4 Responses to “Brief Retreat”

  1. Bill Pruden Says:

    Senator Hart,
    In a world in which motion and action are too often confused, by quietly leading by example, your retreat serves as another reminder of the many different types of leadership you have provided to a Nation much in need. In stepping back from the fray, you offer an example of thoughtfulness and reflection that could be followed to great benefit by any of the candidates whose overheated rhetoric has added little to the ongoing effort to chart a new vision for the Nation and to show that they are worthy of the nation’s support in that effort. All of us who have long followed you know that you will return from your retreat ready to help further enlighten and educate all of us. Would that such a result would come from a similar act by any of the current contenders. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Paul Borg Says:

    Dear Senator Hart,

    I know you to be a man of Vision and would share with you the words of another man of Vision as you leave on your retreat.

    And while I stood there
    I saw more than I can tell,
    and I understood more than I saw;
    for I was seeing in a sacred manner
    the shapes of things in the spirit,
    and the shape of all shapes as they must
    live together like one being.

    Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks

    In your quiet moments when thoughts subside and attention appears to center upon the crown of your head desire The Land speak Her Wisdom to you in a language you might understand. She makes Her presence felt as a cool breeze upon the palms of your hands. I am certain Black Elk knew this.

    I look forward to your return.

  3. Brian C. McCarthy Says:

    Senator, if your post means things will have improved by mid-May, then from your lips to God’s ears. Enjoy your retreat and we look forward to your return.

  4. Elizabeth Miller Says:

    Two weeks is not enough.

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